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Circle365 Affinity Group

What is Circle365?

Circle365 is an exclusive network of small businesses and individuals who support United Way of Florence County.  These businesses are making a daily impact on the health, education, and financial stability of Florence County. This affinity group is designed to make giving back easier, rewarding and more affordable to those new to United Way of Florence County.

Small businesses and individual donors are crucial in maintaining our local economy.  By giving back, small businesses and individuals also have the power to enable long lasting change in Florence County.

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Why should I join Circle365?

Joining Circle365 shows that you support strategically funded and

carefully vetted local non-profit organizations that address our

community-wide needs such as early childhood literacy scores and family self-sufficiency. As part of Circle 365 you will be sharing to others that you care about making an impact to improve the quality of life in Florence County. You have more impact to create more long-term social change by joining with others with a common goal.

How do I join Circle365?

For an annual gift of at least $365 (A Dollar a Day!) a new small business (less than 25 employees) or individuals new to supporting United Way of Florence can become members of the Circle365 affinity group.  Members can contribute through:

· A direct owner/individual contribution (one-time payment or quarterly billing)

· Encouraging staff, customers, friends, and family to contribute and match the original contribution

· Host a fundraising event such as an in-store benefit or percentage night

· Sales promotions with proceeds benefiting United Way of Florence County

· Sponsor a United Way of Florence County event such as Day of Caring

· Be involved in United Way of Florence County’s Day of Caring (either individually, as a company, or gather a group of friends and family to form a team!)

Circle365 Membership Benefits (a minimum donation of $365)

· Public recognition through United Way of Florence County Social Media

· Circle365 Window Decal/sticker

Committing to the Circle365 Affinity Group today creates positive and long-lasting impacts for our neighbors. Together, we fight for every person's health, education, and financial stability in our community. 

For more information, please contact our office at 843-662-2407 or

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