Coordinating A Company Campaign

Workplace Campaigns allow employees to easily engage in improving education, financial stability,  health and other needs in the local community through payroll deduction, at a level that is comfortable for each individual.  Additionally, United Way Campaigns unite organizations and provides the opportunity to donate, volunteer and support causes that matter to them!

Why Host A Campaign?

  •  Efficient use of staff time and resources. 

  • Company-wide employee campaigns are fun and build employee morale.

  • Employees have the opportunity to strengthen team-building skills while managing the company’s United Way campaign.

  • Employees feel good about giving knowing that their donations directly help those who need help the most.

  • Our community is strengthened and helped by United Way funded programs.

  • Employees like to work for a company that cares. 


Donations From Your Campaign Help To Provide:

  • 2,494 individuals received life-changing medical, dental,
    hearing, or therapy services

  • 5,401 youths were provided with programs that develop
    character and leadership skills

  • 89,027 meals were provided to senior citizens to prevent
    the threat of hunger

  • 2,418 individuals were provided either a meal and/or a
    night’s stay in a shelter

  • 7,444 individuals received financial assistance to prevent
    eviction or keep utilities connected

What A Campaign Coordinator Does

Plans the Campaign

  • Determine When, Where, and How Much

  • Plans Publicity Opportunities for  Campaign

  • Consults Payroll Dept. about Deduction Policies

  • Chooses  Approach & Utilizes the Campaign Theme

Implements the Campaign

  • Involve your Chief Executive Officer

  • Ask for campaign goal incentives such as days off, jeans day, etc.

  • Involve all the departments in your organization 

  • Get Out of the Office

Monitors the Campaign

  • Place United Way goal thermometers around workplace - the lobby, break room, in front of the building, etc.

  • Email goal updates to employees - this can be paired with “United Way Success Stories.”

  • Have the CEO or another member of management wear the same tie throughout the campaign - as you get closer to your goal, cut the tie accordingly until, hopefully, it disappears.

Shares Information About The United Way

  • United Way of Florence County partners with and supports 17 local agencies and 24 programs throughout Florence County

  • Donations go towards helping parents with daycare costs, providing health care, supplying food and shelter, helping children who have experienced abuse or trauma, providing home-delivered meals to seniors, and much, much more.

Together We Can Do Great Things

Instead of focusing on just one need or one issue, donations from company campaigns can help impact a wide variety of needs and issues from hunger to shelter to education. Last year, the United Way of Florence County’s campaign raised over 1 million dollars for 22 local partner agencies and 30 programs to efficiently serve the most pressing needs in the community.  We hope for this year to not only meet that goal, but exceed it.