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Day of Caring 

If you're not familiar with this day, it's a day when hundreds of individuals, groups, companies, etc. come together to support our LOCAL community by completing projects such as painting, landscaping, cleaning, etc. for our partner agencies.


To get involved or learn more, please contact Jenna Cooper at 843-662-2407 or via email at

2023 Day of Caring Sponsors

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Why should you get involved?

Studies show that when groups come together to volunteer, team spirit rises, and morale increases. For companies, think of the exposure your company will receive as participants in a huge community improvement project!

Anyone who participates in the Day of Caring leaves with a sense of pride and a greater understanding of how the commitment of time and money can make a huge difference - especially when we work together!


How do I get involved?

It is easy! Gather a team of your co-workers, friends, family, anyone, and appoint a team leader. This person will be the primary contact with the United Way of Florence County. Have your team leader contact our office at or by phone at 843-662-2407. We'll get you started with everything you need!

Please note that the purchase of all project supplies will be the responsibility of the participating company or team.


What kinds of projects are offered?

Day of Caring offers many different types of projects, from cleaning to construction, painting to parties. Whatever project you choose - know that the agencies benefiting are truly thankful. We all look forward the the Day of Caring each year because we get our "wish lists" fulfilled and are able to retain dollars for our programs and services!

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