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Sponsorship Opportunities

211 Program (Ongoing 2023-2024)

211 is a vital service funded by local United Ways and maintained by the SC United Way State Association. Every day, individuals in Florence County contact 211 to get connected to a wealth of resources in our community that help with a wide range of needs. This service is free, confidential, and always available to those in need.


In addition to providing support for those in need, 211 allows United Way to identify service gaps, unmet needs, underserved populations, and common determinants that often lead to a crisis.


Sponsorship funds for this service help offset maintenance costs for the 211 database, which are $22,800/year.



Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed (ALICE) represents a significant portion of our population – people who work hard in jobs such as cashiers, childcare providers, and other essential roles. Despite their contributions to our workforce, ALICE individuals earn just above the Federal Poverty Level but fall short of what they need to cover basic needs. ALICE reports, which provide data on national, state, and county levels, are used by United Ways in 29 states. Insights from these reports are shared and used to strengthen programs serving the needs of individuals in Florence County.


Sponsorship funds for this report help offset maintenance costs, which are $1,500/year.

Day of Caring (Annually in September)

Day of Caring is a day when companies, organizations, individuals, etc. come together to give back and make a difference in our community. United Way of Florence County coordinates a variety of projects for our partner agencies that address needs within their organizations and showcase the services they provide to those in need. This day is also a signal for the start of United Way’s new annual campaign.

$3,000-Gold Sponsorship

$1,500-Silver Sponsorship

$500-Bronze Sponsorship


Sponsorship funds for this event help offset the cost of the Day of Caring/Campaign kick-off breakfast as well as the supplies needed to complete projects.


Annual Awards & Allocation Luncheon (Annually in June)

The Annual Awards & Allocation Luncheon is an event that celebrates United Way of Florence County’s full scope of work. We bring all stakeholders to the table: top donors, partner agencies, board members, and collective impact task force members to thank them for their important contributions to United Way. 


At this event, our top donors are recognized, and our partner agencies are awarded funding for the new fiscal year.


Sponsorship funds for this event help offset the food, venue, and award costs. The average cost of this event is $3,000.


Campaign Coordinator Training (Annually in August)

The campaign coordinator training brings campaign coordinators together for strategic planning on the coming year’s workplace campaigns. Here we discuss best practices and share success stories from companies of all shapes and sizes to help each campaign coordinator find the right solution for their company’s unique needs. Outstanding workplace campaigns are critical to communicate the impact that donations are having on our community, fostering a sense of belonging and community in company cultures that can only be created by working together to serve others.

Sponsorship funds for this event help offset the food, supplies, and venue costs. The average cost of this event is $2,000.


*Excess funds will go directly toward United Way’s annual campaign.*

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