A workout buddy, or even a whole workout team, can be a great way to not only keep yourself motivated, but also accountable for your healthy goals. For example, if you told your friend you would meet them at the gym after work, you are far less likely to skip that workout because you do not want to leave your friend alone. If your co-worker is your workout buddy, you two can keep each other accountable with un-healthy lunches or snacking while you are at work. Having a spouse or a family member with similar healthy goals can also be a great resource for a workout buddy because they will help keep you consistently accountable.

For the contestants in the United Way of Florence County’s 2019 Florence’s Biggest Loser, they started the competition with built-in workout buddies with their close friends, spouses, brothers, sisters or children. For others, the friendships they have made with the other contestants in their team have helped them succeed in the competition. This week, we asked those contestants how they benefited from having that source of motivation and accountability during the program.  

Christopher Coleman >>> “I did not enter FBL with a family member or partner but the relationship I developed with my teammates has helped me tremendously. They are my support system throughout this journey and it sucks that this will eventually end. After Joy (our trainer) "killed us" during our session, my teammates and I were discussing how much having each other has helped us on this journey. Because of our organic bond, FBL doesn't feel like a competition at all! Honestly, I'm afraid of not having my team after FBL. I'm grateful to get to know them, especially being new to Florence.”

Brenda Echandy >>>Having someone by your side that shares the same goals and motives as you definitely makes this experience less difficult. By doing this together, my husband and I encourage and help each other. If I’m not happy with the results, he will cheer me up and vice versa. Also, having someone by your side that wants the same things you want and understands what you are going through definitely helps you.”

Scott Baldwin >>> “I joined this competition with a colleague of mine and it has helped with the competition.  It keeps both of us driving and competing against one another during our Sunday training sessions.  Every day at work it creates an environment where everyone is asking about the competition and choosing sides, like we were at a football game.”

Melinda Fuller >>> “Having a team on this journey has been extremely helpful! When I started the Florence’s Biggest Loser, I was little worried that it was going to be very competitive. I thought the training sessions were going to be like boot camp with a drill sergeant making you do all kinds of crazy exercises, but it has actually been quite the opposite. Everyone on my team has been incredibly supportive and encouraging with all sorts of helpful tips and advice. If you happen to be struggling one week, then everyone rallies around you and keeps you motivated. It has really been amazing so I am going to hate to see it come to an end.”

Rebecca Kearns >>>My brother and I joined the competition together and I’m also staying with him and his family. Having someone to push me a bit more and to workout with most mornings, makes it easier to ensure I stick to it. It also means the whole house is living a healthier lifestyle because we work together to create a better environment. Less junk, prep meals, minimal eating out. So if I slack, I’m going to hear about it! I also want to say how awesome my team has been as well. I don’t know anyone in this area (outside of family), so it’s been great to get to know people! We may only get together once a week, but we check on each other through our Facebook. It helps because if I’m going to preach something to them, it better be something I’m practicing as well.” 

Khadija Williams >>>Having a workout buddy has helped me a lot in this competition. You have someone to motivate you especially when you feel like you can't do anymore or are not making any progress. You have someone there that's striving for the same goal as you.”