To keep our donors better informed on how their donations to the United Way of Florence County are being utilized, we will be sharing quarterly updates with achievements, statistics, and client stories for each of the six impact sectors we fund. Our First Quarter ran from July 2019 to September 2019 and the sixth (and final) Impact sector we will cover is our Youth sector.

Programs in the Youth sector are providing services to children and teens to improve their quality of life. These services could be educational programs that help them do better in school and/or allow them to pursue educational interests outside of schools or it could be health programs that ensure the youth in our community are getting the proper care they need to advance to adulthood. Below are just some of the great things accomplished in the Youth sector because of your donations.

Youth Achievements and Statistics 
  • Over 250 kids were able to go on field study trips to Ed Adventure, the State Museum, and the Aquarium this past summer. 
  • Over 115 parents participated in a parenting program for their child(ren) this quarter.
  • Over 1,000 kids received free, nutritious meals Monday-Friday during the summer.
  • Over 85 kids participated in a Safety Around Water program to teach them how to not only swim safely, but also how to help someone in a water emergency.
  • 119 girls received support to participate in a local Girl Scouts program and 7 girls received support to attend a Girl Scouts Summer Camp.
  • Youth in the Pee Dee Area Council, Boy Scouts troops have completed 2,400 hours of volunteerism in just the first quarter alone.
  • 88% of youth involved in a mentor program reported an improvement in self-confidence in the areas of ability to express feelings, make decisions, interest & hobbies, personal hygiene, and a sense of the future.

Client Stories
Royalty's home and school life were both very difficult. She bounced from one foster home to the next, was often in trouble for her behavior at school, and suffered greatly from depression. These difficulties culminated with her expulsion and following suicide attempt. The Boys & Girls Club of Lake City has been a haven for Royalty for the past two years while she endured many of her struggles. She felt safe at the Club, and felt that the staff cared about her and her wellbeing. Royalty has turned her life around in recent months. She is now on the honor roll, has taken part in BGC programs like TASC and Smart Girls, and has even been adopted by her new foster family. The love and compassion Royalty received at the Club reminded her that she has a support system to lean on and the staff will always be there for her.

A local mother approached Youth Mentors about the possibility of getting her 9 year old son into the program. He did not have a positive male influence in his life at that present time. He is an only child and his father had passed away unexpectedly when the child was only an infant. The mother felt like the child needed some stable male companionship to grow and develop as he should. He was starting to act up in school and beginning to get into trouble at home, which was not normal for him. The mother said that her son had started to reach out for male companionship and she was concerned that he may reach out to the wrong person. Her son is very gifted in school and makes good grades, but she could tell he was missing something in his life. Youth Mentors was able to get her son in the program and has visited with him several times now. The Case Manager has developed a good relationship with the child and the child is now excited to share how well is he doing in school with his CM. The agency is working on finding the child a volunteer mentor, but in the meantime, he will continue to have regular visits from his CM.