To keep our donors better informed of how their donations to the United Way are being utilized, we will be sharing quarterly updates with achievements, facts & figures, and client stories for each of the six impact sectors we fund. Our First Quarter ran from July 2019 to September 2019 and the first Impact Sector area we will cover is our Education Sector. 

Programs in the Education Impact Sector help address education needs from children having a place to get homework help to Scouts working with STEM programs to adults improving their literacy. Below are some of the great things the agencies and programs did with your donations for Education needs in the First Quarter. 

Education Achievements & Statistics
  • 350 students are currently receiving homework help four days a week at Boys & Girls Club sites in Florence, Lake City, and Pamplico.
  • 200 students are also currently receiving targeted tutoring from teachers certified in ELA and Math at Boys & Girls Club sites.
  • The Civil Air Patrol's new Emergency Services Officer has been developing new training activities to train their cadets on developing ground teams, urban search and rescue teams, and communications teams. Several cadets from the local chapter will be attending an Emergency Services training in Sumter.
  • The Civil Air Patrol has also added a new Aerospace Education Officer and other senior members to increase and improve their STEM-related training.
  • The Florence Area Literacy Council recently was recognized by the Office of Adult Education for the growth of their program. They were one of three Education programs recognized.
  • The Florence Literacy Council is also working with Raldex Hospitality to create a Workplace Program for their employees. If approved, Raldex employees would receive incentives to participate in the Florence Area Literacy Council's education programs to help earn their GED and would also be reimbursed any test fees thy incurred if they took and passed the test.

Client Stories
A young man joined the Civil Air Patrol as a Cadet five years ago. He has speech issues and is on the autism scale, so there was some question as to how far he would be able to progress in the program. Because we maintain a safe place for cadets to practice leadership, he has been able to grow dramatically in his ability to analyze a program, receive and execute orders, lead a team, and apply other leadership skills that seemed far from him a few years ago. We look forward to promoting him to the Cadet Officer Grade in the near future.

Nancy has been with the Florence Area Literacy Council for over a year now learning how to read. While at the agency, she has also recently started learning how to use the computer. At 50+ years of age, Nancy has never been taught how to use a computer. During her first session with FALC, she was in tears from the excitement she felt at finally being able to use the computer.

Check back next Tuesday (Nov. 26th) for the Quarterly Report on our Emergency Services Sector.