For the past several years, Giving Tuesday has followed Black Friday and Cyber Monday to put the focus on giving back to your community during the giving season. This year's Giving Tuesday will take place on Tuesday, December 3rd and we have complied a list of ways you can give back to the United Way of Florence County on that day. 

Donations are one of the best ways to help a non-profit further their mission and help people in need. Below are several ways you can make a donation to the United Way of Florence County.

Donate Money > In honor of our 65th year in Florence County, our goal for Giving Tuesday is to collect 65 donations. Whether it is $1 or $100, your donation will make an impact in Florence County. And because we also want to get in the giving spirit, we are going to give away gift cards to some of our donors! Every dollar you donate will get you one entry into the drawing for a $50 gift card! Make a donation now by hitting the give button above (or going to or by texting FLORENCE to 565-12.

Shop At Amazon Smile > Did you know that if you shop at Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate 0.05% of your purchase to a non-profit of your choice at no additional cost to you? Before you start shopping for your holiday gifts and supplies, paste our link into your browser and Amazon will donate!

Bring School Supplies to the Giving Tuesday Pee Dee Donation Station & Open House > As part of our Giving Tuesday Volunteer projects (see below) and to support our partner agencies that couldn't be at the Giving Tuesday Pee Dee event, we will be collecting school supplies at our Giving Tuesday Pee Dee booth. Paper, notebooks, binders, pens, pencils, and other school supply donations would be greatly appreciated! You can also view a list of what the other non-profits will be collecting at their booths here: 

Non-profits are always in need of volunteers to help with events or day-to-day goals. To help celebrate this year's Giving Tuesday we have partnered together with four non-profits and one elementary school to build kits for those in need. Those interested in giving back with this volunteer project can check out the information below.

Kits for Giving Tuesday > We are in need of volunteers to help pack comfort, service, lotus, and school supply kits for non-profits and schools in Florence County. These kits are used to help bring comfort to a child who is going through therapy after being abused or to support a deployed military personnel. If your group is interested in building one of these kits, please head to our sign-up page at There is one sign-up for each of the five participating organizations where the supplies are already provided, but your group must be able to put together 50-70 kits. If your group is able to buy the supplies for the kits, you can build however many kits you like. For questions and more information, give us a call at 843-662-2407.

If you can't donate money, supplies, or your time, you can still give back by advocating. Advocating means sharing with others and we have a few quick and easy ways you can advocate for the United Way or other non-profits below.

Attend the Giving Tuesday Pee Dee Donation Station & Open House > Even if you can't donate during the event, you can still come out and learn about close to 50 non-profits in our area at this year's Giving Tuesday Pee Dee Donation Station & Open House. Just knowing about the services a non-profit can offer can be helpful because you never know when you or someone you know might be in need. The Giving Tuesday Pee Dee Donation Station & Open House will take place in the Waters Building in Downtown Florence on Tuesday, December 3rd from 3:30 to 6:30pm.

Share Our Posts on Social Media > We are going to be posting all day on our Facebook ( and Twitter ( pages during this year's Giving Tuesday. If you see a post you like, make sure to share it with your friends and followers. Just by sharing our posts, you can help get the word out to even more people.

Tell Others About Us > Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools there is. If you think the United Way is doing great work in Florence County, tell someone! Even though we've been around for 65 years, there are still people in our community who don't know about us and those people may one day benefit from our help.