Did you know October is Fire Prevention Month? Our partner agency, the American Red Cross - Eastern SC Chapter, has shared a few tips on how your family can prevent a home fire as well as how you can help those who have experienced a home fire or disaster.

Reducing the chances of a fire in your home can be easy if you follow these tips:
  • Make sure all of your heating sources are clean
  • Fix or replace any frayed cords, frayed wires, or loose plugs
  • Check to make sure any cords or wiring are not: under rugs or carpet, hung up with nails, or are across a high traffic area
  • If you are enjoying any fall candles, make sure to never leave a flame unattended and always extinguish all flames before leaving a room or going to sleep
  • Do not light or leave any flammable materials (such as candles) near curtains
  • If you have children in the home, keep matches and lighters locked up 
  • Talk to your family regularly about the dangers of fire and your emergency plan in case of a home fire

The United Way of Florence County is proud to partner with the American Red Cross of Eastern SC and help fund their services to prevent home fires and help the victims of home fires. Victims like a family of 4 in Lake City whose home was damaged by a fire earlier this month. The American Red Cross was able to provide financial assistance for food, clothing, lodging, and other essentials to help the family recover. If you would like to help the United Way and American Red Cross continue to assist fire victims in Florence County, you can make a monetary donation now by clicking the orange "Give" button above.