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Play a Starring Role in Your Community with United Way

Last year, we were able to assist over 26,000 individuals in need in Florence County through your donations to our 2017-2018 “Treasure Your Community” campaign. This year, we want to help even more, but just wanting to help is not enough. The United Way of Florence County needs individuals like you who are willing to step up and take on a role of action in our community to change lives for the better. For real stories of what your donations can do for those in our community, watch this year’s campaign video below.

Lights… Camera… Take Action!

The best way to support the United Way of Florence County is by giving. You can either make a personal gift online or you can help us organize a company campaign within your business. Our research has shown that 90% of companies who partner with local non-profit indicated that it enhanced their brand and that 88% of employees who are encouraged to give through a company campaign find their jobs more full-filling.

If your company is not ready to start a campaign just yet, you can still support the United Way of Florence County and your community by advocating on United Way’s behalf and/or volunteering with us. If you want to advocate, you can invite United Way to make a presentation about what we do to your employees or you can display our information in your business. If you want to volunteer, you can participate in our Annual Day of Caring event or volunteer more frequently through our Volunteer Corps program.

To set up a company campaign or learn more ways you can help support the United Way, please contact our Vice President of Campaigns:

Rachel Baggett